I just finished going through all the videos for a workshop about photographing food. Thanksgiving was coming and I would have an opportunity to practice with food I did not make. I want to clarify that if I say this is,it is no because my food is horrible, it is because I have no yet master the timing to cook, prep and shoot an interesting pic, it is DIFFICULT!! Now I have a better idea how.

  • Plan first…colors, background, lighting, mood, containers, objects or the emptiness – prepare the area where to shoot.
  • Cook, take a few shots for the “before”, I told you before to prepare the lighting 🙂
  • Do not go to rest, now when is ready you have to feel the fragrance or not, of your delicatessen…and grab the camera.I told you is a lot, I would love to hire a cook, and I can deal with the rest LOL!!Thanksgiving is by far my favorite Holiday, if we are in California with the family is fantastic, if we are in Hawaii with friends, usually this is the case for the last 5 years, is also great.
    Marks, George and Kika open their gate and we all go with ice, beers, wine, pies, a lot of pies, many salads…the hosts have the turkey, the ham, the mash potatoes, the gravy, Janice brings the vegetarian one. We all wait for the moment that George open the oven and brings the fresh, did I said warm/hot just baked bread…
    See, thanks that I did not cook that day I was able to photograph and eat!
    Happy times to all!!!