A little bit about me…
I was born and raise in Argentina, in the Northwest of  Buenos Aires’s province, 3 hrs to the capital if you drive fast (like Argentinos)in now days with much better roads.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I was always curious I wanted to see things, I remember looking at the tall buildings in Buenos Aires in the capital from the bus or the car’s windows, having the best feeling of been a spy, now the camera make me feel exactly the same…is like people can’t see me when I’m behind the camera.                                                                            I discovered French fashions magazines at the age of 10 and I were always lost in the pages looking and learning the French way off course…I moved to Buenos Aires where Photography found me.                                                                                           Not doubt that each step in our lives are connected, for good or for bad… my dedication to know more about photography got deep, I worked for photographers, I was a technician in Kodak labs, and finally my clientele was growing.                          
My photography was changing, now I was jagging between commercial (need the $$) and artistic (can’t live without it),  always looking how to enjoy both.                                        
facts about me
  • I started working as a photographer  24 years ago (1993-2017)
  • One day I stop working and I started shooting only for me, friends and family 🙂
  • I decided to relax and call myself an artist,  a worker as often as need it, a mother and a wife/lover everyday, I’m continually figuring this out
  • I learn everyday to be a better photographer
  • I ‘m still curious…very curious.





My first time in a competition I won the first prize with my portfolio of portraits.                                                                 I was honored with a year of intense study of lighting                                                                                               I photographed miss Argentina, some fashion, I  work for magazines and theaters.                 
                             I specialized in my earlier years in Headshots for actors, Plays, Musicians, Cd covers
To mix up a little, I moved to new York and did a lot of street photography
Then, life started getting better, I moved to the West side, beautiful  San Francisco, lucky me.
I got lost a little bit, between the fog , the cold and the sunshine…I kept the black and white lab going  to Duboce Park, love it.
Met the husband, and here comes the family…we now have 2 daughters and dogs, cats, goats, chickens etc, living a simple but pleasurable life, now in Hawaii.
 I used to say “I’m a portrait photographer” but now days I’m not sure, I have the love that takes me to photograph people and is hard to conceived a photo without a human touch of some kind.
When I photograph food I like to learn about the person that invested time in cooking it, or  in the hands of the one that cultivated the veggies, in the way that the fish was caught…I love most of all to document lives and to have the feeling that a memory was created is without doubt the “million dollar” treasure in my heart.


Our uniqueness and individuality comes from a personal feeling.

This knowledge I practice to capture the uniqueness all around!

Thanks my mom I learnt this!

Design is Everything

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