It was great to be able to capture this playful time between Jayna, the mom, and Michael the cute son. I was quiet, as much as possible and they just have a blast together.

Just looking at this photographs he will have a fun time. I just love the feeling that photographs can “re-create” many years after…

We all change physically and emotionally, photos always can help to alert us about those changes.

Children of any age love to have parents that relate to wherever they are into, we all forget that we have been there making lunch, playing games and going for walks together, that is why I love to photograph families in their environment, sometimes they are in vacation, other times they are all over, manytimes they are just feeling the growing pain…doesn’t matter is the connection that kids will always treasure.

I was also lucky to capture a 4 generations of great, fun ladies!!!! Jayna and her grand mother, mother and niece!

Have fun looking at the pics!